What Is Baby-Led Weaning?

What Is Baby-Led Weaning?

What Is Baby-Led Weaning? When your baby reaches six months old, it’s time to start thinking about helping them to move on from milk and onto solid foods, a massive milestone in any little one’s life. But it can be tricky to convince your child that anything other than milk is delicious, so be prepared for a battle of wills.


One strategy you might want to consider is baby-led weaning, which can be a much more relaxed and informal way of helping your child switch to solid food.


The idea is a simple one - you just offer your baby soft pieces of solid food that they can hold in their hands, rather than offering them it on a spoon. Your baby is then able to feed themselves what they want and in any way they want, making the process of weaning a lot more enjoyable for them.


The more traditional way of weaning a baby involves giving your child a quick taste of food on the end of a spoon or on your fingertip. Initial food offerings are usually something like baby rice mixed in with milk or some fruit or veggie puree.


If you’re unsure, you may want to try an approach that combines both traditional with baby-led weaning and see which your child best responds to.


Remember that the process is meant to be a gradual one and you’ll still need to rely on milk feeds as the main source of nutrition until your little one is eating enough solid foods on their own, usually by the time they reach their first birthday.


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