Why Weaning Isn’t A Fast Process

Why Weaning Isn’t A Fast Process

If you’re a new parent we’re sure that everyone has shared their opinion about when and how you should wean your baby with you. That’s not what we’re here to do though, we know that it’s a very personal choice how and when you choose to wean your baby.

An article for Romper recently explored exactly this issue, noting that while for some mums there is a reason to wean, such as taking certain medication, for others the process will happen naturally over time when both you and your child are ready.

Lactation counselor and maternal health expert Jade Shapiro told the publication that weaning is, ideally, a slow process.

“If you have the luxury of time, dropping one feeding session per day for several days a week is a great way to start,” she advised.

One of the main reasons to take weaning slow and steady is to avoid engorgement or mastitis in the breasts.

If you do have to stop breastfeeding suddenly, expressing milk is important to prevent engorgement, as well as minimise the risk of suffering from mastitis or plugged ducts, the expert added.

It’s also worth bearing in mind that if your baby is less than a year old, you should wean onto either formula or your expressed milk from a bottle while you’re introducing solid foods to their diets.

We recently shared some of our top tips to help the weaning process go smoothly. As well as taking it slowly, one of our top pieces of advice is to remember that all solid food is new to your baby, no matter how bland or boring it may seem to you.

Using a bamboo baby bowl that looks like your child’s favourite animal could be a great way to get them excited about eating solid foods too.

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