5 Surprising Bamboo Products

5 Surprising Bamboo Products

As we all strive to be more sustainable and kinder to the planet, many people are ditching products that are not eco-friendly or beneficial to our health. Many of these products are everyday items we use all the time around the home, but thankfully the demand for sustainable products means we can replace these items with once with far better eco-credentials.

Of the sustainable materials that we now use, we, of course, love bamboo. The special grass with the woody stem and gorgeous leaves not only makes a lucky plant to have in the home, but it is also fast-growing, replenishing quickly, and is 100 per cent biodegradable.

But aside from our bamboo-eco friendly products, there are some surprising products you may not have considered before.



If the word ‘bamboo’ only makes you think of the sticks supporting your runner beans, then you’d be surprised to hear that bamboo is used to make everything from shirts to underwear, sweaters, and dresses. The fabrics are soft, clean, and breathable.


Yoga mats

Namaste! If you like to meditate or practise yoga, then a bamboo mat can provide you with comfort and maintain hygiene. It is a fantastic alternative to foam and rubber mats.


Sports materials

However, if you prefer your athletic pursuits to be a little less sedate, you might like to know that athletes all around the world use bamboo bats and rackets, skateboards, skis and poles, and so much more equipment and accessories.


Toilet paper

Bamboo toilet paper is strong yet soft and hygienic for your needs. Using more bamboo tissue paper helps to curb deforestation and the use of paper. As a biodegradable item, bamboo toilet paper is an excellent product.



Dental grade toothbrushes can be made from bamboo. It ensures healthier oral hygiene and ease of use. Also, you don’t have to worry about the environment when you toss out this toothbrush.


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