5 Tips For Successful Weaning

5 Tips For Successful Weaning

Weaning your baby is the process of slowly introducing solid foods to your infant’s diet to complement milk feeding. It can be an exciting part of your baby’s development and an essential one.

At around six months your little one gradually begins to rely on solid food to get all of the nutrients they need to grow big and strong. It’s also important to dispel any myths about weaning, and our following tips will help you make the transition.


  1. Take it slow on the first few days

Start slowly, by introducing one serving of solid food per day. Choose a time of day when you and your baby are at your most relaxed. Mid-morning or lunchtime is usually the best time to try.


  1. Make sure he’s not full

Begin with half a milk feed and then offer your solid food, so your baby isn’t too hungry or too full.


  1. Make it easy to eat

Easily digestible foods such as baby rice are good to start with. Mix it with your breastmilk or formula so that baby recognises the taste, before moving on to such offerings as pureed apple, pear, carrot or sweet potato.


  1. Remember, solid food is brand new

It will be a brand new experience for baby, so don’t worry if he or she holds it in their mouth or spits it out. They need to become used to the feeling of food in their mouths, and swallowing food is something they need to learn.


  1. New tastes one at a time

Start with one or two new tastes every few days, and once baby is happy with these, start introducing new foods and mixing different foods together.

Importantly, keep in mind that baby will not like everything, and it may take several tries to get them to accept it. Remember to be kind to yourself also, and ensure you give yourself a break.


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