Five Baby Sleep Hacks

Five Baby Sleep Hacks

A sound sleep throughout the night for your baby is essential—and it’s essential for new parents, too! When your baby is sleeping their body is resting and recovering, and building healthy tissues that enable them to grow well.

But as every parent knows, getting your baby to sleep isn’t always easy. Here are five sleep hacks that help you get your baby to sleep.


  1. Establish a sleeping pattern

Routine is important. Plan a routing for feeding time and sleep time. This helps them form a sleep habit and automatically get accustomed to falling asleep at the same time each day.


  1. Create the right atmosphere

Soft lighting and a quiet environment will help. Minimise entertainment like socialising or television before bedtime to help them adjust to their peaceful night time space.


  1. Check feeding

Hunger pangs will wake your baby up, so make sure they’re well fed before you try to get them to sleep.


  1. Check their nappy

Check their nappy is clean and dry, too. A wet nappy can be itchy and uncomfortable and can wake your baby up in the night.


  1. Choose the right moment

Listen to your baby’s body, and if they feel drowsy, put them down in their cot. If they associate their cot with feeling drowsy, they’re likely to fall asleep faster.

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