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November 11, 2020 2 min read

Raising a toddler is a difficult and demanding job, and every parent wants to bring up a happy and healthy child, so knowing a few tips and tricks can make the world of difference.

Toddlers can be a whirlwind of laughter and joy, but also tyrannical tantrums and tears. It is a very important time for your child and their development and growth, but fraught with difficulties for parents. We have five top tips to help raise a happy toddler.




Fussy about food

Most toddlers are fussy when it comes to mealtimes, inevitably ending in tantrums and not finishing their meals. If you split their meals into five parts, instead of the usual three main meals, you can make sure they are eating the right foods at the right time.





Watch their behaviour

If your toddler misbehaves, then you need to reprimand them, but you must not forget to lavish praise on them for good behaviour. They will be more likely to replicate the good behaviour if you motivate them.






Bedtime and nap time

Your child needs between 11 to 14 hours of sleep a day, so set your child’s sleep schedule to ensure they are healthy and fit, as it is essential for your toddler’s development.




Affection is important

To nurture your bond with your child it’s important to laugh, play, and talk with them. It will also help you relax. Showing affection is as important as setting schedules and teaching good behaviour.






Listen carefully

Parents can lead busy lives which can often mean the children are unintentionally ignored. Children crave attention, and they can get irritated if they feel they are not getting any. Make some time to listen to your child to make them feel appreciated. It will also help them to express their thoughts and feelings.

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