Parents Create Free Toy Swap App

Parents Create Free Toy Swap App

While there may be more options for parents for eco-friendly and sustainable products than ever, one area that will always be how quickly expensive kids toys can be discarded, left in a corner to gather dust as their attention turns to the latest toys instead. However, one couple in the US has developed an app that lets parents swap children’s toys and products for free.

Lad Bible reports that Jason and Emma Ash were inspired when one of their three boys desperately wanted a toy fire truck at a yard sale. The seller graciously gave it to them for free, saying they were happy to see it bringing joy to someone, instead of gathering dust.

The couple then went on to create YoungPlanet, which makes it easier than ever for parents to find new homes for their unused children’s toys, also helping to prevent the toys ending up in landfill, and also a place where parents can pick up high-quality children’s toys and products.

The app provides a cashless platform where parents can list or request a range of kid and baby products, including toys, books, clothes, and baby equipment.

The app also uses a gamification system which gives parents who have donated more products in the past priority on products that more than one household is wanting, which incentivises a circular system of giving.

The app was launched in the UK last year and now has 35,000 users across the country.

Jason said: “We knew the app would be popular amongst those wanting to lead more sustainable lives, but we didn't realise how strong the community would become.”

“There is also a great deal of satisfaction to be had in seeing something that was not being used doing what it's supposed to do with another family - the simple joy of giving is often overlooked, and because we are free to use it makes it easier to do.”

You can download the app from the App Store or Google Play.

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