Three Unique Uses For Bamboo

Three Unique Uses For Bamboo

Bamboo’s versatility has seen it used to make pretty much everything.

From antibacterial bamboo plates and chopping boards to decorative mats and bamboo fibre clothes, the humble material has been used in so many industries as an eco-friendly yet highly durable material.

Despite this, some uses have been found for bamboo which are surprising even for those who specialise in it. Here are three incredibly unique uses for bamboo.


Motorcycle Helmets

If there is one piece of equipment you would want to be as durable as possible, it would be a piece of equipment which protects your head. Bamboo is so strong and so durable it passes the ECE 22.05 safety standard, which would protect a biker if they land on their head.



Bamboo is durable but also can be formed and shaped whilst it is growing. One of the most amazing examples of this is the bamboo bike frame, which is grown into shape.

The reason you may want to use a bamboo bike is that unlike metal, bamboo can dampen the vibrations and bumps of a road, allowing for a safe, comfortable ride without compromising on safety.

Outside of Asia, they can be very pricy but their unique benefits cannot be understated.


Computer Equipment

Bamboo has started to make a dent in the hotly contested computer industry, where so many avid users are moving away from brushed metal, plastic and RGB lighting in favour of bamboo keyboards, mice, hard drive cases and even laptop cases.

Not only does it help with the computer industry’s sustainability problem, but also showcases a unique look, is lightweight and highly durable, making them ideal for cases.

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