Top Tips For Weaning Your Baby

Top Tips For Weaning Your Baby

As a new parent it might feel overwhelming when you’re preparing to wean your child, especially as there is so much information available online nowadays.

One of the questions that you may have is about what solid foods to start your baby on, and what form they should take. According to a recent post for Cleveland Clinic, it’s important to begin by feeding your baby food with a pureed consistency.

Dr Noah Schwartz, paediatrician, noted that it’s advisable to alternate the types of food you try your baby on and suggested switching between a fruit to a vegetable mix. It’s also best to begin by giving them foods with simple textures and flavours.

He also recommended offering your baby “an infant oatmeal cereal” when you first introduce solids to check that they can “handle texture”.

It’s also important to remember that, until your little one is around a year old, their primary source of nutrition will be your breast milk or formula. Dr Schwartz said that before this age, “food’s just for fun”.

“All the foods and flavours you expose them to is merely to help them expand their palate,” he added.

In fact, it’s good to remind yourself that weaning is about much more than nutrition. As an article for IMC Grupo noted, it has many benefits for your child, even if you’re planning to continue breastfeeding beyond their first birthday.

Among the benefits is that it helps your baby develop the coordination between their tongue, lips and jaws. As well as being essential for eating, this coordination also helps with their speech development. They also develop hand-eye coordination when they are picking up food and putting it in their mouth.

If you buy a bamboo baby plate, it’s easy to lay out a few bits of food for your little one to get started. As they get older and more confident with solid foods, you can introduce more new flavours and textures to their diet.

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