What Baby Names Are Making A Comeback?

What Baby Names Are Making A Comeback?

It can be incredibly difficult deciding on the perfect name for your new arrival and there’s a huge amount of choice, which means it can quickly become overwhelming… but a new study has just revealed some of the old-school names that are now staging something of a comeback, which could be just the inspiration you’ve been looking for all this time.

Analysis from Nameberry, reported on by OK! Magazine, certainly makes for very interesting reading indeed, with some of the lost names now proving to be popular once again including Bee, Cobra, Garrhett, Pearlina and Saunders.

Apparently, the last time a baby girl was called Bee was back in 1996 and for boys, back in the year 2000 - but in 2019, eight girls were given this delightful little name.

And as for Cobra, five babies were given this name back in 2018, the first time for 13 years children were named thusly. No doubt this has given you and your other half all sorts of interesting ideas where names are concerned - which of these would you choose?

According to Nameberry, rare biblical names are also proving popular for boys at the moment, including Noah, Elijah, Levi, Ezra, Asher and Josiah… even more ideas to help you pick out the perfect name for your new baby.

Or what about Abner, Boaz, Ishmael, Jethro, Esai or Phineas? Apparently, Phineas is one of Nameberry’s most searched boy names right now, one of Hebrew origin that means ‘the Nubian’.

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