What Should Your Baby Wear To Bed?

What Should Your Baby Wear To Bed?

Whether you’re a new parent or you have been through parenthood before, every mum and dad knows that getting your baby a good night’s sleep is important for everyone.

There is endless advice on how to make sure your little one is getting the best sleep possible, and choosing the right bedclothes can make quite a difference.


Here’s how to dress your baby for bedtime.

The appropriate dress will depend largely on the weather and the temperature of the nursery. It is important to consider that the ideal temperature for the baby’s room is between 16ºC and 20ºC according to the NHS.

You should start by dressing your baby in a vest, then, if it’s particularly warm, you can pop them in a swaddle or light sleeping bag to make sure they’re cosy in just their vest and a nappy.


If the temperature is below 20ºC, layer up with a sleepsuit.

However, it is important to remember not to dress your infant in a hat or gloves for bedtime, even in cold weather.

The tog of the baby blanket needs consideration, depending on the temperature.

  • If the temperature is over 26 degrees, they should sleep in just a vest
  • Between 24 and 25 degrees, a vest and a light blanket or sleeping bag with a tog of 0.5
  • If it’s between 22 and 23 degrees, a vest alongside a sleeping bag or blanket with a tog of 1 will suffice
  • If it’s between 18 and 21 degrees, add a sleepsuit to the vest and 1 tog sleeping blanket.

When the temperature starts getting colder than this, then introduce sleeping bags with a heavier tog.

  • When the temperature is between 15 and 17 degrees, a vest, a sleepsuit and a blanket with a 2.5 tog will do.
  • Anything less than 15 degrees, pair the vest and sleepsuit with a blanket or sleeping bag with a tog of 3.5.

To check if your infant is too hot, place two fingers on your baby’s tummy, neck, or back to see if they’re sweating, feeling hot, or clammy. Other signs include:

  • Damp hair
  • Flushed cheeks
  • Rapid breathing
  • Heat rash

Conversely, if your baby is too cold, signs could include them becoming more lethargic or slower to be responsive.

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