Why Bamboo Is A Green Option

Why Bamboo Is A Green Option

Bamboo is not just a durable and attractive material, but one of the greenest around.

Of course, the fact it is a natural material is itself an obvious advantage over synthetic substances like plastic. Like anything made from plant material, it is biodegradable and also sustainable, which is exactly what any parent should want for their child as the world faces the challenges of curbing climate change.

In fact, bamboo is even greener than people may think. Technically a form of grass, it is antifungal, antibacterial and pest-resistant, all qualities that wood lacks.  

This means when you purchase a bamboo product, it is something that is made to last and will not rot or decay under the assault of any microbes or creepy-crawlies it may encounter. It also makes it ideal as a material a baby might be prone to put in its mouth. That’s why bamboo plates are a great idea for little ones.

Bamboo is also made to last because it is a tough material, but its greatest attribute is the speed at which it grows, making it an extremely sustainable option.

The key reason for this is the extraordinary speed at which it grows, reaching its full height in 3-4 months. Indeed, in the right conditions it can grow as much as three feet in a day. Not only does that mean the supply is quick to arrive, but it also ensures that when you replace an old bamboo plant with a new one the results will appear swiftly, not over many years like a tree.

Indeed, because it grows fast and can provide such a plentiful supply of materials, bamboo is incredibly useful in other ways. It provides much-needed employment in the countries where it grows, as well as food for pandas, which eat nothing else.

Quite simply, if you could dream up a magic material that was natural, tough, sustainable and healthy all at once, you would think of something like bamboo. That’s a great reason to make the most of all it offers.

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